The company

At COPYPASTA, we believe in the power of art and the stories it tells. We are more than just a merchandising brand; we serve as a bridge between the digital realm of artists and the tangible world of fashion enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide a canvas for self-expression by showcasing renowned artists' creations in high-quality attire, bags & home goods –offering individuals new avenues to explore their unique styles.

We collaborate closely with select digital artists, bringing their visions to life by curating their masterpieces on various products. Every piece is a statement, a conversation starter, and a reflection of one's identity, beliefs, and passions. We understand that fashion is not merely about wearing clothes; it's a declaration of who you are and what you stand for.

Moreover, we deeply value the talent and dedication of our partnered artists. That's why, at COPYPASTA, we proudly pay royalties on all artist' work, ensuring they are compensated for their creativity.

Welcome to COPYPASTA.


A message to digital artists

You're awesome.

Yet, an enormous audience could fall in love with your work but do not know you exist. Your creative expression is often trapped behind a barrier they don't access or buried within the noise of life.

COPYPASTA aims to change that by amplifying your voice under a focused IRL brand that's integrated into the channels they reside in.

We intend to magnify the exposure for everyone by celebrating each artist's accomplishment in those channels.

Now, your creations on various goods can become a powerful gateway for connecting with future enthusiasts and a recognized destination for individuals seeking self-expression.


The founder

COPYPASTA was founded by xFader, who collected sports cards in the 80's and digital art since 2017. You can see some of his digital art activities here: