Collection: Inigo Bilbao

Iñigo Bilbao
Oviedo, Spain. 1975
Lives in Barcelona, Spain

Digital Artist interested in the transductions between the physical and digital environments, as well as the transformations that the transcribed object undergoes in this process.

He begins his artistic career experimenting with 3D printers (Digital Still-Lives, 2007). He specializes in the use of 3D scanners, working with medical scanners (CT Scans, 2010), laser scanners (Memory Lane, 2015-2019 and Junkyard, 2019) and photogrammetry or 3D scanning from photographs (Void, 2019).
Since 2011, Iñigo Bilbao Lopategui has been working closely with Félix Luque Sánchez, with whom he is collaborating and co-authoring several projects, including Memory Lane (2015-2019) and Junkyard (2019), both projects currently on exhibition at MIMA Museum, Brussels.

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